Assalamualaikum warahmatullah, okay the second post of the day is about me being listed on this little sweet girl blog.. she was so rajin sngt because she listed most of blogger in malaysia, and differentiate between one that write in english and malay, how nice of that thought. she even notify me about this. being so honoured to be listed on her blog, very muchachas thank you ye awk.

tu antara fews syarat ye ank-ank. klik gmbar for the link to her web...

okay second is iols termasuk dlm bloglist cik zafirah nazri jgk..
 ha tudia gais tudia.. makcik ni rajin pi tukaq template blog dia gitu, jadi ceq pun join la segmen bloglist hat dia buat haritu. dan tersenarai sekali.. thank you laling ... :)


  1. wah tahniah! rezeki awak :)

    1. hee.. awk pun blh daftar jgk utk yg bloglist akak afifah tu.. sorry lmbt reply.. :)


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