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spirits of live

We happened to live our life according to what we love, we never thought that one fine day, something might have happened And drastically change our life, And at sudden moments, our life changes from the very best moment and fall hard to its rock bottom, We were never prepared ourselves about how to climb the rock from the bottom, We were never ready to even accept and adopt those changes that had happened. These phases are called a maturity process, we lost most of our friends, We got to know who is really going to be there and those who just need us at their desperate time, We happened to know the ones that planned to make us fall and at the same time were pretending to be an angel Angel will never exist unless you have demon by your sides. What most important part in this maturity phase is that we all should know, life will always fuck us until you know That you were ready to be fuck off.
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alhamdulillah, tanggal 9May2018
satu tanggal bersejarah kepada rakyat Malaysia,
Tun Mahathir Mohamad telah kembali

He was once our 4th PM turn as ou 7th PM,
and it was finally official, you guys can check it out at 

Walaupun bukan peminat politik tegar malahan sangat cetek mengenai politik di Malaysia ni, but I know ONE THING for sure, there were no such God Father as Tun M,
keikhlasan dia untuk membangun kan negara ni boleh nampak thru his speech and all,
and In sha Allah, semoga Malaysia terus aman , damai, makmur, sejahtera di bawah redhoNYA.

Batrisyia Birthday and Preloved Handbag Giveaway

Assalamualaikum, hee cikla tanya pengalaman beranak, belum berpunya lagi cikla, jdi pengalaman tu belum punyaa.. tapi ingt lah waktu kecik masa mak bersalin to my bro, adik berat masa tu lebih dari sepaptutnya, 3 kg lebih, jadi mak kena operate, tpi mmg dari mak lahirkan sy kena operation, sebab dia mmg xleh deliver secara norrmal, jdi bila lahirnya bayi yg terlebih sihat tu, mak kena tahan kad wad lama sikit due to her pain  and alhamdulillah after few day mak dapat keluar, dan adik pun disahkan tiada demam kuning or sakit lain,  dan pengalaman yg tak boleh dilupakan, he was so chubby, macam ank panda time tu.

special wishes from me: Happy belated birthday adik batrisyia, semoga jadi anak yang solehah, rajin tolong mak dgn ayah awk ye syg, dan semoga tumbuh jdi ank yg cantik :)

Bitter Sweet

when life offers you something bitter
take it as an experiences,
and when life offers you something sweet,
take it as challenges.

each one of us happened to feel, live, love in our own way,
but at the end of it,
we desire foremost was a happy ending.

and at that very moment, we realize that
something either sweet or bitter was a need
to live a better life.


When you grew older,
Things were changing the way it wants,
Some of it may be none of your likings,
Some of it may be were those thing that you had to lose,
And there's few of it that you had to take extra care because of its way too precious,
Time taught us to be tough,
When all that we favored had gone,
It was the time for us to be matured,
Missing was not a bad idea indeed its a way of learning through life.

p/s Do Appreciate Whats In Front Of You.

#SegmenAzahRahaman : Aku Seorang Blogger!

bila blog ditubuhkan  : tahun 2014 rasanya samar-samar dalam ingatan gitu..
maksud tersendiri nama blog dan url blog: nama blog dipilih dari bahasa korea areumdawa yg bermksud cantik. termasuk jugak dgn url blog maksud yg sama.
ceritakan pahit manis sebagai seorang blogger: tiada yg pahit setakat ni jerih ada kot,sebab selalu sngt rasa mcm mlas

A day before .

A day before tomorrow.
There's been a day that we would like to turn back to.
There's been a day that we regret every single thing we had done.
 There's been a day that we accept it as a bad and torment day.
And there's a day we hope we care for all.

A day before tomorrow,
We realize that,
Something vulnerable waits ahead,
Something we called life,
Something we depend on it,
It was way too precious,
That we need to keep it,
For the rest of our life,
The memories.