FIT ? BIT? ( Fitbit Types for Your Fitness and Health)

May 03, 2017


Fitbit is a revolutionary accessory in the world of fashion. Combining both style and health, Fitbit is an activity tracker for modern day urban men and women. Not only does it track how active you are, it also helps keep track of your calories intake. This way you’ll know how far you are from achieving your daily health goals. A great way to jump start a healthy lifestyle, you should get yourself a Fitbit soon.

Not sure which Fitbit to choose? Let’s get started with what level of fitness you’re at or looking to achieve. If you’re just health conscious and not really looking to get serious about fitness, the Fitbit Alta is hat you should be getting. It offers ample functions such as how many steps you have taken in a day, how much calories you have burnt and sleep tracking.

For both style and fitness, the Fitbit Charge is yours to choose. You can change the bands according to what colour you feel like rocking on that day. Check your heart rate, track where you’re going with GPS, steps counter and sleep detect. Plus the display is not too small and not too big so it will fit comfortably on your wrist.

The overall smartwatch look and feel is there with the Fitbit Blaze so pick this one if you’re ready to go all out and start being serious about eating healthy and working out. The Fitbit Blaze offers heart rate data with built-in workouts right on your wrist. Along with that you also get all the usual perks like calculating steps and sleep.

Know which one is the Fitbit tracker for you yet? Based on these tips, it’s time for you to choose one.

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