July 02, 2016

the dishes ;)

second post of de day. this time also about iftor. a magnificant story behind #terharu
living my life fullest at this moment.
as we all , i mean me and my cousin planning for our iftar, we choose this one seafood restaurant (the restaurant name is censored) hahah.
they said we need to book for our seat, and pay for the deposit. we did all of that.
but as soon as we arrived there, there were people sitting on our table. my cousin brother stop walking and said "mana meja kita"
i thought he was entering a wrong restaurant or something. actually the one that they paid the deposit fogot to put a reserved plate there, so the other customer thought that the place have nobody to sat on. and as our place change, it still yet to be a kinda hot place bcoz they placed us near the kitchen and truly besides the toilet. we yet still in such a good term. until the "azan maghrib" done, yet they serve only a fish without rice or nothing.
we wait until 8p.m with such hungry stomach that totally purely need food to be filled but the waiter still does not send any food at our table. we decide to just "blah" and ask for the deposit back. we got the deposit and lastly choose other restaurant to filled our stomach. after the prayer we all goes to this small and cozy seafood restaurant at Bayan Baru if im not mistake " Cherry Tomyam " restaurant.
and all those dishes at the above picture was the food we ate. they offer a set for 5 person for just RM 62. it was much cheaper than the previous restaurant and the food was so delicious especially the "sweetsour fish" finger lickin good. haha

the moral of this story was, (like a fiction story alraedy)
we should be more systematic in handling anything especially when it come to serving and gave service to other. AND CUSTOMERS ALWAYS RIGHT.

due to this #terharu because we got to spent more time unlike the first plan. the best planner always win Allahu :)

p/s enjoy ramadhan within this two days tho

the trio

the sisturr

petaii uolss

kerang panaih lit lit

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