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When you grew older, Things were changing the way it wants, Some of it may be none of your likings, Some of it may be were those thing that you had to lose, And there's few of it that you had to take extra care because of its way too precious, Time taught us to be tough, When all that we favored had gone, It was the time for us to be matured, Missing was not a bad idea indeed its a way of learning through life. p/s Do Appreciate Whats In Front Of You.

#SegmenAzahRahaman : Aku Seorang Blogger!

bila blog ditubuhkan  : tahun 2014 rasanya samar-samar dalam ingatan gitu.. maksud tersendiri nama blog dan url blog: nama blog dipilih dari bahasa korea areumdawa yg bermksud cantik. termasuk jugak dgn url blog maksud yg sama. ceritakan pahit manis sebagai seorang blogger: tiada yg pahit setakat ni jerih ada kot, sebab selalu sngt rasa mcm mlas update blog dgn new entry. smpaikan tinggalkan blog setahun lebih sebelum ni. yang manisnya dapat menang giveaway mcm2. hehe..  nasihat kepada blogger lain: sila rajinkan diri anda update , mngkin tanpa anda sedari ada yg menunggu hasil  tulisan anda.acewah nasihat utk diri sendiri jgk sebenarnya ni. p/s : hai korang yg baru start bebeloging :)

a new life.

a new life. they said life that we had now will always incarnate and somehow we were being born again and again that's what some people believe. but for me gaining a new life was as if we were happened to be awoken in the very morning every day, breathing softly and thoroughly. its the meaning of a new life to me. we got up to new days, to new thing awaits ahead and maybe to get know to new people somehow. every single second that we had every day, we should always treasure it well. do not let go of any single second or minute or hour in your life is wasted. you, yourself are the one who choose the routine of your life, choose beneath what was good and bad for your day. the time wont wait any longer. either you run now or you will pass it by with such regrets.